Things are about to get interesting: working for Kirkus Indie

Bit of good news: I’m now a reviewer for Kirkus Indie! As a long-time comic book (and video game … and movie) reviewer (see my other blog for more), I can’t wait to start writing advance reviews of traditional books as well, and I hope you’ll be kind enough to read my thoughts on them. As anyone who’s been reading this blog knows, book reviewing is something I like to dabble in once and a while. (Add me on Goodreads!)

Writing for Kirkus also means shrugging off the old MLA coat and trying AP on for size. I’ve never worked with the AP style before now, but I borrowed a handbook and started studying it in preparation. Grammar and punctuation seem to be the biggies, along with spelling and abbreviations. Much of it is already familiar to me through general experience, and much of it carries over from MLA, but if you have any tips or advice, please share.

4 thoughts on “Things are about to get interesting: working for Kirkus Indie”


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