Ho! Let the Book Seer decide what you should read next

Blogger Captain Decibel has linked to a very helpful and awesome-looking website that takes your most recently read book (by title and author) and suggests a new one for you. The formula is simple—it recommends books based on Amazon and LibraryThing suggestions and links to local bookshops and libraries—but that old guy on the front page is so funny, I can’t help but want to pick his brain for ideas.

12 thoughts on “Ho! Let the Book Seer decide what you should read next”

    1. Thanks, Veronica! I love asking real people for recommendations, but sometimes reading tastes vary so much that you just want a kind of aggregate suggestion. Since Amazon and other sites typically generate those based on what books people bought after they finished the book you just finished, it’s a nice alternative. Let me know if the Book Seer helps you find any good picks!



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