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6 thoughts on “Save the Cat and other books I’ve added recently”

  1. The Thank You Economy is AMAZING. After recent, HORRIBLE customer service with AT&T, I have decided to use them as my “what not to do” example when writing my book review. I’ll be writing one from the perspective of a business and what I learned from it as a marketer, then one from the perspective of a customer where I explain what I learned and how I used it to get AT&T’s attention when they used deceitful business practices to charge me more than advertised and in the oral agreement at sign up.



    1. Thanks for the comment! I’m looking forward to reading The Thank You Economy. I’ll be posting a review of another book the deals with social media, too (and I also thought it would be a cool idea to use a real-life example, so go us!), so it would be interesting to get your opinion on it from the review or if you read it yourself sometime. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on Tweet Right!


      1. The Thank You Economy is possibly the most brilliant book I’ve read (or I might be biased because it helped me deal with AT&T). I didn’t get much out of Tweet Right (which you saw in my review). Everything in Tweet Right I could have gotten for free on Novel Publicity’s free advice blog.

        I like my advice broad and tweek-able to a variety of situations, so a book about using social media as opposed to a book about Twitter.

        Thanks for coming by and reading my review. That was crazy fast.



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