A toast to an awesome cooking blogger

Thanks to blogger Sarah for holding a contest and choosing me as a winner of a one-year subscription to Bon Appetit Magazine! There’s little I love more than getting goodies in the mail, except my fellow writers and readers.

Sarah runs an amazing cooking blog over at Sarah’s Place. Believe me, it’s awesome and very non-cook friendly—meaning she’ll turn you into one with her great recipes and pictures of delicious food. I’m hungry just thinking about it.

So stop by her blog and—oh my god, look at that French onion soup. I don’t even like French onion soup! Wowza.

Thanks, Sarah!

2 thoughts on “A toast to an awesome cooking blogger”

  1. Aww, thank you Stephanie!!!! If you knew how excited I am that you’re cooking….and that you won the subscription to help inspire you….let’s just say I’m SO happy!!! :) It’ll be fun to hear about the fun you’re having. Those sticky buns you made turned out perfect, and they weren’t exactly beginner, you know? I think you’ve got a talent for the cooking thing, along with everything else you do and do so well….

    LOL! That soup! It’s crazy good, I promise :)

    Have a wonderful Thursday Stephanie! Thank you SO much for everything, I really do appreciate it, and you!



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