Awesome book cover Friday: My Education

This one speaks for itself. My Education: A Book of Dreams by William S. Burroughs was published in 1995, two years before the author’s passing.

Description of the book as listed on Amazon (from Library Journal):

Similar in format to Jack Kerouac’s Book of Dreams (1961), Burroughs’s latest offering is a simple dream diary, interspersed with brief interpretive comments and presented in clear, accessible prose. Most of the dreams involve visits to the Land of the Dead, where nearly all of Burroughs’s friends and enemies have long since vanished. Kerouac, Brion Gysin, Jean Genet, and hostile critic Anatole Broyard make frequent appearances, along with the author’s parents; his wife, Joan; and his son, Billy. Burroughs himself has mellowed considerably. He avoids sex, deplores thievery, rails against gun fanatics, and shares his home with several pampered cats. Because the author’s best work incorporates nightmares and hallucinations, his dream record is of genuine literary interest. However, readers unschooled in Beat lore will struggle with cryptic allusions to obscure people and events. This important work for fans will likely win few new converts. Recommended for larger fiction collections.

8 thoughts on “Awesome book cover Friday: My Education”

      1. Absolutely. It is slower paced, but much more tongue in cheek! I’d check out some of the Tom Baker episodes if you can hold of them. I’d love to know what you think of them! :)


  1. I’m still carrying last week’s cover on my phone because I loved it so much :) You find the best stuff Stephanie. :) This is great!!


  2. Just placed a “hold” on the book at my library as this find is a bit serendipitous: have been looking for a book using dreams and for whatever reason didn’t think of Burroughs. Good to be reminded. Thanks!



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