A quick thank you to the wonderful Sarah!

A shout-out to the amazing Sarah, who’s one of the friendliest and caring bloggers (and people) on the web. She gave me the Beautiful Blogger award today:

There are no rules to go with this award, no links to make, no hoops to jump through for accepting it. Just accept it, where it proudly and smile because YOU make a difference in someone’s day with your writing and posts.

Here’s my 5 Beautiful Bloggers for today – and when I say ‘Beautiful’, I don’t just mean their blogs, I mean their spirits and hearts too. If you guys would like to link back to this post go right ahead, but don’t feel like you have to.

Go visit her fantastic cooking blog if you haven’t already. Her recipes rule!

Thank you again, Sarah. Hope you’re having a fabulous week! :)

4 thoughts on “A quick thank you to the wonderful Sarah!”

    1. Not yet! It’s going to be a few weeks, unfortunately. I think the business is tied up with orders post-taxes, and they won’t start gathering the parts for my build until the end of next week! Thankfully it should only take three days on average to finish that part of the process, and then from there it has to ship … but all the way from California! So I probably won’t get it in the mail until late in the month. The waiting is hard!



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