Harry Potter e-books are out today!

J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is finally available for digital download. The first three e-books cost $7.99, while the last four will run you $9.99 each. I imagine the price difference lends extra incentive to buying the The Complete Harry Potter Collection version (if each e-book sold for only $7.99, all seven books would be $55.93, just a couple dollars shy of the actual cost of $57.54). As the math works out, you’ll save about 10%.

The books are DRM-free but sport special digital watermarks “that relate to the book, to the purchaser and the purchase time. This allows us to track and respond to possible copyright misuse.” French, Italian, German, and Spanish editions are on the way. You can find the books on Pottermore, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, and they can also be sent to Sony Reader and Google Play accounts via Pottermore. Learn more here. A full list of compatible devices is also available.

What do you think? I already own all the Harry Potter books in print, but it sure would be nice not to have to stack my shelves with such a honking collection.

2 thoughts on “Harry Potter e-books are out today!”

  1. I only owned the first book but the writing never grabbed me, although the story idea is brilliant. I’ve tried reading various books in the series–on more than occasion as my niece loves those books– finally, I just watched the movies. I truly admire Rowling and will try her new book. Frankly, it has always puzzled me.

    How did you find them, Stephanie?



    1. I love the Harry Potter books, though they lost steam near the end of the series. Rowling’s new book should hopefully be a good entry point for people who want to like her writing but couldn’t quite get into Harry Potter.



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