A hearty snack: spring vegetable and goat cheese dip

Yesterday I made a great appetizer: spring vegetable and goat cheese dip. I forgot to snap a picture (not that my dish came out quite as presentable as the one in Bon Appétit Magazine), but you can find the recipe online.

Here’s a quick rundown of my experience making the dip:

Since I’m slow, I didn’t bother preheating the oven until I was most of the way through mixing the ingredients. Like the recipe advises, I started by preparing the 3/4″ asparagus pieces. Then I focused on everything else. I couldn’t find mild white cheddar cheese at the grocery store, so I substituted monterey jack. The only other ingredients I left out were the peas, mint, and parsley. I think peas are gross, and others seemed too minor to justify spending extra money on.

My changes didn’t make much difference—the dip was absolutely delicious, although it didn’t turn out as golden-brown as I would have liked and the remaining goat cheese (sprinkled on top before putting the dip in the oven) didn’t melt very well even after 20 minutes.

I made this dip for four people and served it with pieces of baguette. It went fast! :)

8 thoughts on “A hearty snack: spring vegetable and goat cheese dip”

    1. Everyone here liked it, so I’m sure it’ll go over well! Consider doubling the patch if you’re worried it might not be enough (not sure how many you’re inviting over). This batch didn’t make as much as I expected, but it did feed four of us … although it was gone in under half an hour!


  1. Ok, that’s it. I’m off to the grocery store :) I can’t resist this! Thanks for finding and posting Stephanie! I’m going with the Monterey jack too…and no peas!!!



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