Update time! I’m now community manager for Z.

Hey, everyone!

If you’re big into zombies, love anything card or board game related, or are passionate about comics and cosplay, please take a moment to check out Z. — a digital trading card game on Kickstarter. Think of it as Magic: The Gathering meets The Walking Dead. I’m involved with the project as community manager, so we have 25 days and counting to make this thing happen!

We need to spread the word as much as possible, so if you could pass the link around or post an announcement on your blog, we’d appreciate every bit of help! You can also contact me exclusively at stephanie.carmichael@downwardviral.com for pics and more info.

If you’re interested in contributing to the cause, donating will get you tons of goodies (including a limited box edition). You can learn more about the rewards on our Kickstarter page.

Be sure to tell all the zombie lovers you know! And remember: Keep those shotguns handy.

Want to know more? Glad you asked!

  • Choose your side: zombies or survivors?
  • Original photography and gruesome horror effects used for every card
  • MMO-esque equipment sets, progressive card bonuses, and killstreaks!
  • An episodic story using live-action cutscenes produced by the team behind the Left 4 Dead short film
  • Created with gamers, for gamers! Get in on the dev process and vote on new cards and features, or be a card yourself!
  • LOTS of guest characters, with Tex Murphy already being announced as the first!
  • We’re doing one major update a day, showing off the different aspects of the game and Kickstarter process
  • Tons of swag for backers, including a collectors edition boxed set that is exclusive to this Kickstarter campaign!

2 thoughts on “Update time! I’m now community manager for Z.”

  1. Good luck with the Kickstarter campaign!

    I don’t know anything about card games… digital or otherwise. But the live-action cut-scenes look cool, and the physical edition sounds awesome. Hopefully i’ll get a chance to re-blog this over at Zombie-Thon sometime next week and send a few pledges your way.

    Now go get started on that Android version!



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