Awesome book cover Friday: The Great Gatsby

It’s the weekend, yeah! Time to be lazy and eat ice cream because it is HOT here in Pennsylvania today.

To kick off your Friday (if the video one post below wasn’t enough), here’s my favorite cover of The Great Gatsby — the beautiful Scribner’s version, with a jacket design by Francis Cugat.

8 thoughts on “Awesome book cover Friday: The Great Gatsby”

    1. The cover is gorgeous, but the book has always been a tough sell for me. I read it first in high school and HATED it; read it again in college and liked it better.


      1. I read it in High School and LOVED it, but that might have just been because everything else we read in High School was so awful. I’m kind of scared to read it again because it’s hard to pin down exactly what was so great about it, and I’m scared it will lose that special something with a re-read. SUCH an iconic cover, though. I think this is one of the few classics with a single, iconic cover—this one is still in publication, and very few others have been used.

        This one ( is interesting, and I don’t mind it, but it lacks the deep blue of the original, which seems to really work with the tragedy of the thing. Also, the giant face in the sky makes the story seem so much bigger that the actual subject matter, which doea, after all, focus on rich people and their parties.


  1. @LadyGrave Yes! “The giant face in the sky makes the story seem so much bigger that the actual subject matter” — couldn’t agree with you more! I absolutely love it. It really is one of the most timeless book covers, I think. Just gorgeous.

    I had the exact opposite experience in high school though, haha. :)



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