Moving to a new apartment

Credit: M.A.V Cardiff Ltd

Hey, everyone!

It’s been a busy couple months. First, a big thank you to those who supported Z. on Kickstarter — we reached our funding goal in time! It was a new experience for me, and the first time I served as a community manager.

Then I had a birthday, and, well, got older.

Now I’m spending this week packing and going nuts trying to get everything together so my boyfriend and I can move into our first apartment. There will be an awesome book cover post this Friday, but please hold tight until I get back into my routine. I appreciate your patience, and thanks for reading the blog!

I’m also on the verge on starting a new, part-time copy editing position, so that will begin relatively soon. And an article pitch of mine has been approved to somewhere really cool, so I’ll update you guys on that this fall.

But enough about me! What adventures have you embarked on this summer? What are you reading?

9 thoughts on “Moving to a new apartment”

      1. Uneventful, lol. But that’s ok! It’s too hot for any real fun, so I’m biding my time until it cools down a little again, haha. Reading a LOT, and actually taking time off like I promised myself, so it’s all good right now.


          1. No. Failures. The last 4 anyway. I do have one here I am supposed to review, buuuuuttttt…. :( Oh it’s horrible Stephanie, I don’t know what to do about it. The guy is a chef turned novelist, and a “virtual” friend. Nice guy, so it’s an awkward place to be in.

            What about you? What book have you loved the most this summer?


            1. I’ve been there! Trust me, the best thing you can do is break it to him — but kindly. Don’t just say, “This is bad.” Say, “Here’s what I like about it, and here’s what I don’t like about it.” That approach really helps, even with the most sensitive people (like me).

              Definitely Ready Player One! I’ve been reading a couple books for Kirkus, so things are slow. So maybe one day I’ll have time to finish A Clash of Kings. ;) Didn’t read at all during the Kickstarter campaign, and that was a whole month! I got a couple books for my birthday, too, so I’m looking forward to those.


            2. Thanks Stephanie, I will take your advice and do that with this review. He’s apparently sent out dozens of books, because there are quite a few reviews on the Amazon listing already….remarkably, there are more good reviews than bad. I can assure you, the bad reviews have it right.

              Oh yes!!! Thank you for reminding me that I already bought Ready Player One! I’ve been SO wrapped up in “work” reading for the past few weeks, I totally forgot that I had it. YAY ME!! That one looks so interesting…

              Thanks Stephanie!
              P.S. i shut down my blog tonight….my heart just wasn’t in it. And I know you guys could probably tell. I think for now I’ll just save recipes at the old site and simply enjoy my time off for a while and read blogs for fun….like the old days, lol.

              sorry to take up so much room here dear….Happy Friday! I hope you’re settling in your new place :)


            3. The bad reviews always contain more insight than the good, no matter who’s in the right!

              Yay, read Ready Player One!

              Awww, I love your blog, but if your heart’s not in it, I understand. I’ve been there. Don’t be a stranger, though!

              I’m moving in tomorrow. SO excited. It’s been a long time coming, and I can’t believe it’s for real now!



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