Awesome book cover Friday: The Uninvited Guests

Sadie Jones

Happy Friday, everyone! This week’s pick is The Uninvited Guests by Sadie Jones (pictured above), who wrote the award-winning debut novel The Outcast in 2008.

The Calgary Herald had this to say about The Uninvited Guests in May, around when the book released:

Sadie Jones’s outstanding new novel starts out by offering mischievous echoes of Downton Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs — tempered, however, by a somewhat unsentimental vision of a decaying Edwardian England foolishly complacent in its sense of privilege and entitlement.

But by the end, we have landed somewhere else: into a surrealistic universe reminiscent of filmmaker Luis Bunuel at his most unsettling. Also, let it be noted, into an eerily convincing ghost story.

Which cover is your favorite: the hardback or Kindle edition?

The Uninvited Guests - blue

The Uninvited Guests - e-book

6 thoughts on “Awesome book cover Friday: The Uninvited Guests”

  1. I just bought this for my Kindle a couple of weeks ago! (No, I haven’t read it yet, buuuut I’m getting to it, haha. Personally I LOVE the hardcover version. It’s gorgeous! I like them both, but hardcover wins. This is one of the biggest reasons I miss real books…there’s just something about them.

    Have a wonderful weekend Stephanie! Thanks for these!!


  2. I’m assuming the bottom one is the Kindle one? I like it best! I think it’s the shadows on the woman in the foreground. Plus, it just pops out at you.

    Any idea who did the art? Book cover artists tend to get so little attention/credit.

    Thanks for sharing. :)



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