A valuable lesson Twitter can teach us about writing

Twitter Cat

Writing can be short and sweet or extraordinarily long. Either way, be concise and entertaining, and cram each sentence full of personality.

This lesson is exactly 140 characters long, the maximum for a standard tweet. The next time your sentence grows too wordy, practice making it shorter — that will force you to get your point across sooner. How many ways can you rewrite the lesson above without going over the limit? Use WordCounter.net as a guide.

6 thoughts on “A valuable lesson Twitter can teach us about writing”

  1. I’ve always been a fan of Hemingway; he was the master of short, concise writing. I could never get a handle on the “short” part, but I do try to be concise. :P

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks, Mike! Writing doesn’t have to be short, obviously! :) Long is good, too. But usually when you make your writing more concise, it reduces the word count a bit.


    1. Thanks! Don’t be too hard on yourself — sometimes brevity is a bad thing. It all depends on what framework you’re working in: a novel has different demands than, say, an Internet article (in those cases, shorter is better because of research on attention spans). Chatty can be good, as long as you’re actually filling the word count with actual content, not excess!



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