Happy Read Comics in Public Day!

Today is Read Comics in Public Day, created by editors Brian Heater and Sarah Morean from the now defunct indie comics website The Daily Cross Hatch.

“The easy part is: just read comics in public — on trains, on your lunch break, at the park, in the library,” wrote Heater. “Throw a couple of old favorites or new releases in your bag and get to it. And, hey, bring some to share. Remember that year that everyone outside of your immediate family bought you a copy of Watchmen for your birthday? It’s a great book, granted, but you don’t need 15 copies, do you?”

Coincidentally, it’s also the birthday of Jack Kirby, who would have turned 95 this year. Kirby helped create such famous comic book characters as Captain America.

So the question is, where will you celebrate, and what will you read?

Read Comics in Public Day


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