Awesome book cover Friday: The Mindwarpers

Happy Friday, everyone! Today’s pick is an Eric Frank Russell book you might not have known existed.

The Mindwarpers by Eric Frank Russell

At least, that was the case for writer Jo Walton, who discovered The Mindwarpers for the first time last month. And just look at that cover. I haven’t read any Russell, but that might have to change. And the best part is that you can find it for cheap on sites like Amazon.

Here’s an alternate cover that’s also pretty cool:

The Mindwarpers alt

Russell was a British author who lived from 1905 to 1978. Aside from The Mindwarpers (also called With a Strange Device), he wrote full-length sci-fi books such as Sentinels from Space and Wasp, along with many shorter works and essays.

What do you think of these covers? I think the first one is so weird, it’s awesome; and I love the colors and design in the second.

Feel free to email me with any tips on awesome book covers!


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