What e-reader do you use?

Sony ReaderYesterday, I wrote about the Kindle Daily Deals e-newsletter. As you can probably tell, I love Amazon. I shop there for all sorts of things, including e-books.

The Kindle is my e-reader of choice, but what about yours? Where do you prefer to shop for both books and e-books? I’m trying to decide whether I should include links to Barnes and Noble or other websites when I blog, so please share which retailers you prefer!

If “Other,” do specify in the comments!

Bonus question: What newsletters or websites do you use to find sales on e-books?

7 thoughts on “What e-reader do you use?”

    1. Oh, cool! I wasn’t sure I’d like the touch controls, but now that I think about it, that’s a great way to make the e-reader experience much more akin to traditional book-reading (done with your hands, not with buttons).


  1. I still have the first generation Kindle, and I adore it :) I know, I know, I should upgrade one of these days, but I also use the Kindle app for my iPhone and iPad too, so it’s not THAT important to upgrade :)

    It still amazes me I have 198 books just on my iPhone….yes…I’m old…LOL :)



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