Awesome book cover Friday: Tattoo Shop Mysteries

For something a little different today, I want to show you a series of cool book covers: the Tattoo Shop Mystery books, of which there are now four.

The latest, Ink Flamingos, has not only a hot cover but also a character that shares my last name: Carmichael. (That makes two I’ve spotted this year.) Her name is Dee Carmichael, actually, and she’s the lead singer for pop sensation The Flamingos. Sounds good except for the being dead part.

Ink Flamingos by Karen E. Olson

Here’s a description of the book from mystery author Karen E. Olson’s website:

Dee Carmichael, lead singer of the hot pop sensation, The Flamingos, has been one of Brett’s most dedicated customers — or was. Allergic to red dye, Dee has been discovered dead in her hotel room with a pink flamingo tattoo and surrounded by ink pots and needles — and a tall redhead was seen leaving the crime scene.

Now Brett has been branded as the prime suspect. This can’t be good for business. …

Meanwhile, a blog has been showcasing Dee’s deadly tattoo. Things get worse when pictures of Brett start appearing on the blog. Turns out someone isn’t merely following her, but impersonating her all over town.

Brett must act fast to find out who’s out to get her before the killer puts the dye in dying once again. …

And here are the other covers from books one through three (The Missing Ink, Pretty in Ink, and Driven to Ink, respectively):

The Missing Ink

Pretty in Ink

Driven to Ink

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