14 Kurt Vonnegut e-books for $1.99 each

Kindle Daily Deal Kurt VonnegutAmazon’s Kindle Daily Deal today is on 14 select Kurt Vonnegut books.

I don’t see Slaughterhouse-Five or Breakfast of Champions on there, but I do see Mother Night and Player Piano. And at $1.99 each, you really can’t complain too much.

What’s your favorite Vonnegut book? Such a great author! My boyfriend and I both love reading him.

3 thoughts on “14 Kurt Vonnegut e-books for $1.99 each”

  1. He is fantastic! And I’m bummed I missed this daily deal. Grrrrrrrrr. My favorite Vonnegut novel is probably Player Piano, but that’s a really tough question. Ask me next week, and I’m sure I’ll have changed my mind. I just love his stories!

    I feel like pouting now….knowing I missed this. UGH!


      1. :) Thank you. I appreciate it! I probably shouldn’t mention that I have most of them in print, should I? I want them all on my Kindle now, lol. (selfish me)



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