Awesome book cover Friday: On the Road

Today’s pick is an old cover of John Kerouac’s On the Road, published in 1957. Time magazine voted it one of the best novels from 1923 to 2005, when the article was written.

On the Road by John Kerouac

The novel is based on Kerouac’s travels with his friends across America, and I think the watercolor, notebook sketch look to this cover exudes an autobiographic feel, like someone who draws the people and places he sees as he wanders. What do you think? Have you read On the Road?

5 thoughts on “Awesome book cover Friday: On the Road”

  1. You guys are finding more great covers for this one! But I soooooooo love the one in the post, I haven’t seen it before. And the book itself, what can I say? It simply makes me smile :) It’s one of my all time favorites. It must be time to read it again….haha.



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