Giveaway: That one book you really wanted to read this year

That One Book You Really Wanted to Read in 2012 - Misprinted Pages

[Update: The Facebook “like” is no longer mandatory for the Rafflecopter. :) ]

We all saw at least one book this year that we’ve been dying to read. Maybe you couldn’t justify the purchase because you’ve got a huge stack of old books waiting for you at home. Or maybe the opposite is true — maybe you’ve been so fixated on the new titles that came out in 2012 that you keep procrastinating on buying that one special classic.

As a holiday gift, I’m giving away a book of choice to one lucky reader. As long as it’s available on and is modestly priced (no more than $20), it’s yours.

For a chance to win, just enter this Rafflecopter! (Scroll down to the widget once you’re on the page.) You can gain entries by “liking” my Facebook page, answering a question about your favorite book of the year, following me on Twitter, leaving a comment, reblogging this announcement post, or tweeting about the giveaway, the last of which you can do once a day.

Thanks, and good luck! The giveaway ends on December 20.

15 thoughts on “Giveaway: That one book you really wanted to read this year”

  1. Wow, Stephanie! What a fun giveaway.

    There is a book like that for me, I’ve had it in my Amazon cart for 2 years! I never seem to purchase it and I don’t know why. Crazy! It’s the 1955 book by Anne Morrow Lindbergh called, “Gift From The Sea.” I see has it. By the way, that’s a great site, I’ve never seen it until tonight. Thanks for the tip! And the chance to win too, that’s so nice of you :)


            1. Sure, that’d be awesome! I’m not able to embed it since I have a domain — that’s why I have to link to the Rafflecopter. But I’ll mark your name down so I make sure I have you entered in the giveaway. :)


            2. Done! Liking my page on Facebook is no longer mandatory, so you can enter the Rafflecopter by doing any of the options — including putting it on your blog. :) Good idea, Sarah!


    1. Hey, Costas! First, thank you for the Facebook like! I don’t see your entry in the Rafflecopter, though. Make sure to claim that you liked my page via the Rafflecopter so you can be officially entered in the giveaway! That helps me keep track, too.



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