8 thoughts on “Happy holidays”

    1. Too much, haha! Some video games, clothes, a couple books, a new bookshelf and media tower … little things here and there, some new dishes, etc. It was a great and very generous Christmas!

      What about you? :) What gifts were waiting for you at your nana’s house?


      1. That’s great! Oh well I haven’t gone to my nana’s house yet. I’m going this weekend. I got clothes, a gift card, perfume, make up and stuff. xD


  1. Happy Christmas Day Stephanie! I got lots of foodie-type gifts (yay food processor!) and a bunch of books and movies. I love the handmade gifts this year too :) What did you get?


    1. Hey, I got a food processor, too! Awesome. And a comic and movie as well — only one book (The Fault in Our Stars), though, boooo! But I got a gift card, so I might pick up The Casual Vacancy. :) I’ve been eager to read it.

      I got waaaay too much for Christmas! I’d be embarrassed to name everything. Some games and clothes, things like that. :)

      I hope you had a great Christmas!



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