Words that are on their way out in 2013

banned words
Photo credit: Robyn Lee

Some words we could really do without in 2013. We’re sick and tired of reading them, so let’s ban ’em already!

If I could prevent everyone from throwing around the word “visceral” (if you’re that deeply moved by everything, then you must be having a heart attack on a daily basis) or make them learn the meaning of “beg the question,” I’d be a much happier English nerd.

But 2012 has been the year for some particularly nasty word trends, according to the Huffington Post, such as “spoiler alert,” “kick the can down the road” (I’ve heard no one say this, ever), “trending” (point taken), and “bucket list” (that’s so 2007).

A dozen of them have been put on the 38th annual List of Words to be Banished from the Queen’s English for Misuse, Overuse, and General Uselessness. Sounds about right. The biggest nuisance seems to be “fiscal cliff,” which describes “across-the-board federal tax increases and spending cuts that economists say could harm the economy in the new year without congressional action.”

Others are “superfood,” “guru,” “job creators,” “double down,” “YOLO” (or “you only live once”), “job creators/creation,” “boneless wings,” and “passion/passionate.” Wait, passion? What’s wrong with a little passion? Apparently, those who nominated the word were tired of hearing that every company and business had it.

I’m all for banishing “YOLO” and “guru,” but “boneless wings”? Who’s that offending? ;P

What words have we overused in 2012 that you’d like to eradicate from people’s vocabulary? Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

6 thoughts on “Words that are on their way out in 2013”

  1. Boneless wings could never offend!

    I always like to see these lists at the end of the year. They crack me up. (“kick the can down the road” – started in political speak I think. Meaning, let someone else deal with it later. Stupid)

    Yes, goodbye YOLO and guru. There’s so many that could go. I think I’ve turned “anti-trend” in my old age, lol.

    Long live boneless wings!

    Happy New Year Stephanie!


  2. The really annoying words (like annoying!) never do go away. Hopefully “fiscal cliff” will disappear once the media stops beating it to death. Last night my local news had an animated graphic of a sign with the words “fiscal cliff” perched at the edge of a cliff and a car driving off it. Seriously. We get it already. (I’d add LOL but that’s annoying too!)



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