Awesome book cover Friday: Men and Cartoons

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another book cover pick for your pleasure. Today’s is Men and Cartoons: Stories by Jonathan Lethem.

Men and Cartoons

Here’s a description:

A boozy ex-military captain trapped in a mysterious vessel searches for his runaway son, an aging superhero settles into academia, and a professional “dystopianist” receives a visit from a suicidal sheep. Men and Cartoons contains eleven fantastical, amusing, and moving stories written in a dizzying array of styles that shows the remarkable range and power of Lethem’s vision. Sometimes firmly grounded in reality, and other times spinning off into utterly original imaginary worlds, this book brings together marvelous characters with incisive social commentary and thought provoking allegories.

I chose this cover because, well, I love anything to do with comics and cartoons, and this has a nice vintage feel about it. It looks like someone glued it together from scraps of newspaper.

Do you like it, or is it a little bit too old-looking for your tastes?

And what’s on everybody’s agenda this weekend? I’m finally taking a much-deserved break and kicking back with some good food and a whole lotta nothin’ this weekend. My boyfriend and I finished watching Twin Peaks, and holy god. Worst ending ever. EVER. So I’m dragging him out to the video store to find the prequel/sequel movie because there’s no way I can end on that note. It pretty much makes me want to do this:

I plan to get a little bit of reading and gaming in this weekend, too, because I’ve been wretchedly busy this week. I wrote an article every day for GamesBeat (one is going up today), did my other news as usual and my new Saturday mobile-games feature for GameZone (thanks, iPad!), and prepped my weekly comics article that’s going up this Sunday for Impulse. Whew! Lots going on. And I think I’ll have a book review up tomorrow for The Jazz Cage.

I’m pretty excited to be reviewing some cool games again soon — Double Fine’s The Cave and the new Sly Cooper if those names mean anything to you. And I received a pretty awesome email from the editor-in-chief of a website I had pitched to last year and never heard from. The site finally got around to looking at my pitch, and while it wasn’t for them, the EIC said he’d love to hear more from me. I’ll take that as a good step forward!

Anyway, I’m definitely not looking forward to meeting with my tax guy in February. No-siree.

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