Awesome book cover Friday: Company of Liars

Why not start this Friday off with panic and disease?

By checking out this cover of Company of Liars: A Novel of the Plague by Karen Maitland, I mean.

Company of Liars

Here’s a description:

The year is 1348, and the first plague victim has reached English shores. Panic erupts around the country, and a small band of travelers comes together to outrun the deadly disease, unaware that something far more deadly is — in fact — traveling with them. The ill-assorted company — a scarred trader in holy relics, a conjurer, two musicians, a healer, and a deformed storyteller — are all concealing secrets and lies. And at their heart is the strange, cold child — Narigorm -—who reads the runes. But as law and order breaks down across the country and the battle for survival becomes ever more fierce, Narigorm mercilessly compels each of her fellow travelers to reveal the truth, and each in turn is driven to a cruel and unnatural death.

I absolutely love the detail and attention to design in this cover. It’s very symbolic, and it looks old-timey in an England way. Plus, the book sounds awesome. What do you think?

I hope you all have a great weekend! I’m heading to a friend’s potluck tonight and then rewatching Judge Dredd on Sunday. Making delicious, delicious spinach and artichoke dip, too, and I printed out a recipe for a peanut butter “cheese ball” because YUM. ;) And playing lots and lots of games because I took on too many reviews as I’m clearly nuts.

Also, our furnace broke in the apartment, so we’re getting that fixed. :( It’s been 10 degrees outside, but fortunately, we’re not freezing to death because at least some hot air is getting through.

What are your plans for the weekend? Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Awesome book cover Friday: Company of Liars”

  1. I’m sorry I’m so far behind on blog reading Stephanie….you know I hate to miss any of yours. You’re swamped and keeping up great! I am not. Boo. Glad the furnace got fixed! YAY! Burr.
    This cover is so cool. I love that old world look, and yeah, I’d pick it up and probably buy it. Just for the cover! It sounds interesting too.
    (P.S. FYI, I gave up on writing my blog, but I gave you access just in case you wanted to use any of the recipes ;) Thanks!)
    Now, about the peanut butter cheese balls…omg….


    1. No worries, Sarah! It means a lot that you keep coming back to the blog — even if you take breaks. :) Thank you.

      I’m sorry to hear that you’re giving up blogging! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you’ll return — you do such a good job, and you’re great with community engagement! Thanks for giving me access to all those great recipes. I’d be sad without them! I made your blueberry dumplings the other day, and they were sooooo gooood!

      I can’t wait to make the peanut butter cheese ball. Tell me about it, right?! Haha.



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