Afterword: Remember Me

Remember Me

I gave Capcom’s new game Remember Me a 70/100 over at GamesBeat if you care to read my review.

I enjoy reading other people’s thoughts on a game after mine are out there, and it seems like, despite minor differences, much of the consensus is the same. Remember Me is kind of bland but fun and innovative at times even if its quality wavers. It doesn’t always maximize its potential.

I enjoyed Remember Me, but not so much that I feel like everyone has to play it. You will miss out on some cool stuff that is worth experiencing, though, if you don’t.

It seems I’m one of the few people who found the memory remixes boring to actually play. They’re cooler in concept than practice.

So — any gamers out there have any questions about the game or points in my review that I can answer for you?

2 thoughts on “Afterword: Remember Me”

  1. First, I really like your site redesign. It’s all cool and crisp.

    As for your review, it seems like traversing the world was the most disappointing part. The story and combat are good, but the parts gluing them together–exploration–was the weakest part, is that right?

    About how long is the game? I’m thinking of picking it up since there’s been a bit of a lull in my gaming.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. THANK YOU. :) I love it, too.

      In a way. I wanted to explore the world simply because it was so amazing, but the developers kept it incredibly linear. But I think the weakest parts of the game are the elements it recycles from others: the combination of climbing and Batman-esque combat become a little routine when they’re constantly back-to-back. But I loved-loved her abilities, her Spammer weapons, and how you could play with the Pressens. I enjoyed the story.

      It very much is a game of ups and downs, however. I adored it sometimes and then became frustrated; it’s hard to watch it for 5 minutes and truly get a real impression of how this game feels to play. The bosses are sometimes fun and sometimes boring. It’s very wishy-washy.

      Remember Me took me 10 hours, but I’ve heard some people say 8. It’s not very hard, but I did die a good number of times, and the load times are slow. The very frequent and fair checkpoints make up for that partially, at least. The game doesn’t have much replay value unless you want to go back and find all the collectibles (mainly the Scaramechs).



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