Quick! I need book recommendations …

… for the following genres. So I can get with it and complete the Eclectic Reader challenge already.

  • Historical mystery
  • Romantic suspense
  • Made into a movie
  • New Adult
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Memoir
  • LGBT
  • Action Adventure
  • Humor

I can probably count The Curse of the Wendigo under action adventure and Prophet of Bones under new adult, maybe. What exactly does “adult” entail, anyway? Boring grown-up stuff like jobs? PoB has cool work stuff …

Thoughts on books to read in these categories?

14 thoughts on “Quick! I need book recommendations …”

  1. Some thoughts!

    LGBT: IN ONE PERSON, by John Irving
    Made Into A Movie: THE GOLDEN COMPASS, by Philip Pullman
    Dystopian: THE DIFFERENT GIRL, by Gordon Dahlquist


      1. Oof. I mean, there are tons of good books that have been made into movies. It all depends on the genre you’re looking for.
        Something really crazy and different from the fiction world of The Golden Compass would be Awakenings by Oliver Sacks. The World According to Garp is another John Irving that’s brilliant – one of my absolute favorite books ever. Or have you ever read the original Planet of the Apes? I’m trying to think of crazy different things here, haha.


      1. Oooh, that’s hard. I haven’t read CLOUD ATLAS yet – it’s on my list! (My giant, ever-increasing, when-will-I-ever-find-time-to-read-all-of-this list)


      1. I read the book after having seen the movie almost every year for ten years sooooooooo I think I prefer the movie. It makes me happier to think that than to regret bitterly not having known the book when I was a child.
        Plus, the movie was adapted to the screen by the author himself who did an amazing job at it. It really is a perfect adaptation. But the book is just as good with several “scenes” that were not in the movie.

        (My apologies if I made some mistakes up there, English is not my mother-tongue and I’m better at speaking it and reading it than writing it.)


  2. A few suggestions from me:

    1. Kite Runner or Life of Pi or We need to talk about Kevin – made into movies
    2. The Age of Miracles or The Giver – Young Adult
    3. The Black Lung Captain – Action Adventure
    4. The Rosie Project or Catch-22 (a bit male) – Humor


    1. Oooh, We Need to Talk About Kevin! I loved the movie, and I feel like that would make a really interesting read.

      I read The Giver long ago but not The Age of Miracles or the others. Good suggestions, thank you!


      1. We Need To Talk About Kevin is one of my all time favourite books. I have not watched the movie.

        I’m not a fan of these conversions although the Life of Pi movie was actually pretty good.


        1. I would definitely give the movie a chance. :) It was very well done, and the acting was excellent.

          I have yet to watch the Life of Pi movie, but I’ve heard good things. I really liked the book.



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