Well, this is disgusting: A fashion photoshoot of suicidal authors

Vice magazine

Sexy lady galleries: We don’t like them. Or rather, we don’t like when they’re abused as a quick way of getting websites hits and eyeballs because they have so much integrity, oh yes.

I remember a few months back some “women in tech” themed gallery popped up where instead of emphasizing their brilliant minds, the article showcased their “hot” bodies. Because clearly they’ve made it in tech because they look good.

Now the same thing is happening again (and always, forever) except this time, it’s taking models and making them pose as female authors who were on the brink of suicide — writers like Sylvia Plath and Virginia Woolf. That’s oh-so-sexy and dignified. Let’s talk about their sexy poetry and novels and the words coming off those blue lips of theirs. We can call it “Last Words” and pretend it’s classy.

Vice magazine has pulled the photoshoot from its website — but not before the entire Internet told it that it was stupid.

“It’s almost breathtakingly tasteless,” said former fashion model Jenna Sauers, writing on feminist site Jezebel. “Suicide is not a fashion statement.”

She continued, “Making light of suicide and underlying mental health problems is sick, sick stuff. And while time doesn’t necessarily lessen the grief of suicide, it’s perhaps especially distressing that some of the people Vice depicts died very recently — Chang in just 2004 — leaving still-living loved ones behind.

“These weren’t fictional characters; these were real women, who lived and struggled and died, and to treat their lowest moments as fodder for a silly fashion spread is shameful and sad.”

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