Afterword: Neverwinter


Head over to GamesBeat to read my review of Neverwinter, the new massively multiplayer online game from developer Cryptic Studios and publisher Perfect World Entertainment. I gave it a 70/100.

It feels like forever since I’ve reviewed a role-playing game. One of the last times was when Torchlight 2 released, and that only took 20 or so hours — short for an RPG. This occupied me for a good 60 hours.

It’s a funny thing, but I only usually have the time to finish games when I’m reviewing them. And yes, I write about them every day. It’s also a lot easier to complete an RPG when you’re able to play it consistently night after night. So in a way, for me, playing Neverwinter — my first-ever MMO — was a challenge. Do I still have the commitment to play RPGs, and can I handle an MMO? The answer is yes to both, happily. I’m pretty excited to share this review with you.

So — any questions for me? Ask me anything!

2 thoughts on “Afterword: Neverwinter”

  1. Enjoyed this review, it led to a whole long discussion between me and the husband — he’s a long-time MMO player and I’m playing my first ever RPG (Dragon Age). I thought the idea of a game you could play either way was great, he says a game needs to be either single player or MMO because they’re completely different. I don’t think I’ll ever have time to commit to an MMO. Anyway, you’ve sparked some good discussion in my house!


    1. Yay! :) I’m glad to hear that. I totally agree — I think the mix of MMO and RPG makes this game really appealing.and accessible, and that means it can interest all types of players. I hope you guys check it out together!



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