‘Book streams’ and great reads that support charity

Bibliophiles, now you can make smarter decisions about what to read next.

BookVibe helps you discover new recommendations based on what your friends are reading. It syncs with your Twitter account to compile a “book stream” of what people you know are talking about. (See the screenshot below for my own.) Facebook compatibility is coming soon.


In addition, fantasy fans can now support various authors and charities by paying any price for seven e-books and stories. The Bundle of Holding lasts for one more week and is free from digital rights management (DRM), which means you’ll completely own each book across all your devices. This deal is worth $45, but again, you can pay as much or as little as you want.

The Bundle of Holding helps the PEN International and the Electronic Frontier Foundation charities, which promote literature, freedom of expression, and digital rights.

The authors are role-playing game designers Robin D. Laws (GUMSHOE, Feng Shui), Matt Forbeck (Brave New World), Colin McComb (Planescape: Torment), John Scott Tynes (Delta Green), Greg Stolze (Godlike, Reign), Mur Lafferty (the Storyteller and World of Warcraft RPGs), and Scott Fitzgerald Gray (Tomb of Horrors for D&D 4e).

Bundle of Holding

This is what you’ll get in the bundle:

Oathbreaker (Books 1 and 2) by Colin McComb
Switchflipped by Greg Stolze
The Afterlife Series by Mur Lafferty
A Prayer for Dead Kings and Other Tales by Scott Fitzgerald Gray
Delta Green: Strange Authorities by John Scott Tynes
Dangerous Games 1: How to Play by Matt Forbeck
New Tales of the Yellow Sign by Robin D. Laws

Thanks to Jason W. for the tip.


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