Awesome book cover Friday: Dead to Me

This week I’m choosing to showcase Dead to Me, a book by Bradford Brillowski.

Dead to Me

What’s curious about this cover to me is how its imagery fits the title. What is that sparkly blob supposed to represent, anyway? Here’s the full spread and a description from

Dead to Me follows the mental world of Patrick, a young adult just setting out on his own, who is occasionally prone to cosmic visions. The book opens with an encounter with two angelic beings, after car accident, whose influence he feels ever after through a series of bizarre relationships, moves, and psychedelic psychological experiences. Soon after he moves out of his parents’ home into his first apartment, he also meets Cat and Jonas, two free spirits with their own issues and competitive tendencies, who haunt his life for the next several years [while] Patrick makes an effort to bring his inner psychic life into balance with the outside world.

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