God must play Pokémon — it’s an evolution thing

YouTube user “OmmyNoms” has created an animated video asking, “Why is it some creatures never evolve, like crocodiles?”

His answer is that God plays Pokémon and presses B to stop their evolution.

It’s a joke, of course — and one that everyone who’s played at least one Pokémon video game will understand. When you raise a pocket monster (or Pokémon) in the games, it usually “evolves” into a different, stronger form when it reaches a certain level. But players can hold B to keep the creature at its current form, halting its evolution.

OmmyNoms didn’t want to sound like he was disputing Darwin or spewing false information, so he wrote the following disclaimer. It’s a bit ridiculous that he had to, of course, but the Internet will be the Internet:

Ok guys I think some of you have misunderstood a key element of this cartoon, probably my fault, I thought most societies these days were clued in on Evolution but clearly some are not (a lot of Americans seem to be making this mistake). I do know Crocodiles evolved from another creature (the Phytosaurs) and I know they have evolved in the 225 million years they’ve been around to some level or another. This cartoon is a joke, it’s a bit of light humour that ignores science for a bit of fun, like Spongebob or Dexters Lab would. I am not trying to preach that Evolution doesn’t make sense, it does! I am not saying this is genuinely what I believe, if I seriously wondered this question I wouldn’t make an animation, I’d go on Yahoo Asks like a normal person! So come on, try to understand this is just a light hearted joke and don’t get too upset that it isn’t hard fact.

Also let’s keep the insults to a minimum ok? Kids view this site too, show them how to act, don’t be one.

Source: Kotaku


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