Awesome book cover Friday: How to Be Good

The street-art-inspired version from Penguin (by Italian visual artist Agostino Iacurci).

How to Be Good

I actually didn’t care for Nick Hornby’s How to Be Good when I read it in college, but this cover sure is nice. What do you think of it?

From the description: “Hornby means us to take his title literally: How can we be good, and what does that mean?”

4 thoughts on “Awesome book cover Friday: How to Be Good”

  1. The book was in my opinion not that good… slow pace and irritating characters. I remember reading this for High School in English and all I could do was to curse the lead character, her stupid husband and Dr. Feelgood. Then again, I was in High School and preferred Fantasy over this kind of genre.

    Then again, the cover looks much better than the one we had on our copies. That’s something, to say the least.



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