Happy Star Wars Reads Day

Star Wars Reads DayToday is the second annual Star Wars Reads Day.*

I always loved Star Wars more than Star Trek,** and I did get into a couple of books in my teens. One was I, Jedi by Michael A. Stackpole, and the other was his first X-Wing book, Rogue Squadron. I kind of wish I could reread them right now. They’ve gone to other loving homes.

Many people go nuts over these books. Here’s a great post on Tor.com about what they meant to one girl growing up and how they helped her embrace her individuality when all the other books at the library wanted to teach her about clubs and leg warmers and boy crushes and periods.

Because really, it’s OK to be a girl and not want to read those things. And it’s OK to want to, too.

The official webpage has more info about today and where you can find Star Wars Reads events all over the country.

Any recommendations?

*How adorable is that Yoda? Right?

** (I was also kind of a big nerd about Star Wars and hung out on forums and even did a cosplay, which was really just a Halloween costume I wore in public. No, you cannot see a picture.)

1 thought on “Happy Star Wars Reads Day”

  1. I recommend Shatterpoint by Matthew Stover (Clone Wars) and Star by Star (Troy Denning) and Traitor (also Stover) out of NJO. They are my favorite works in terms of Force philosophy and character development.



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