Dear book: I’m just not that into you

grumpy catWe’ve all been there. You’re reading a book and it’s just not doing it for you.

Do you …

A) Grind your teeth and finish it even if it’s taking you forever and you’d rather read anything else but this.

B) Stop immediately because there’s so many other things you could be doing, and this book sucks.

Right now I’m somewhere in the middle and having trouble deciding which to do. Will the book redeem itself? Am I just wasting my time? What to dooooo?

On one hand, I’m determined to finish it just so I can say with 100 percent certainty that I didn’t like it and/or the protagonist. For all I know, there’s a few chapters at the end that would totally change my mind.

Then I think, well, probably not. And I’m procrastinating reading this, so I’m never going to get to the end, and waiting too long between reading sessions could skew my impression of the book anyway.

What do you usually do in this situation? Were you totally happy with your decision, or did you regret it later?

8 thoughts on “Dear book: I’m just not that into you”

  1. For me, I usually give up on a book if I can’t get into it with 50-100 pages. It also depends on the writing style too. It took me 5 years to actually read The Host by Stephanie Meyer, I then ended up falling in love with the story. I’d say maybe try a couples more chapters to see if it gets better, if not, put it down and start anew.


  2. I give it a few chances to make sure it wasn’t just my mood while reading. But yeah, there are too many books to read in this lifetime to waste time on something that’s not doing it for you. Might not even be a “bad” book–just not your thing, for whatever reason. Happy reading (something else)!


  3. Have you done that calculation about how many books you are likely to read in a lifetime? It’s a disturbingly small number, which always make me think I should stop when I’m gritting my teeth over a book. But something about my dogged nature keeps me going – sometimes it’s worth it, but to be honest usually not!
    What did you decide to do?


    1. Where can I find the calculation? That sounds so interesting!

      I’m still deciding, actually. :X But I’ll probably just stick it out. I’m determined to find out whether the protagonist really is as unlikeable as I think he is or if he’s going to surprise me.


      1. Damn – I can’t find it. It was on a blog maybe six months ago. You can work it out for yourself of course: if you estimate how many books you read in a month, say, then multiply by 12, and again by how many years you probably have left to live, and you should get there!


  4. It depends on what’s turning me off… If it’s the writing, I will very likely toss it. If it’s something in the story line, I may try to hang on to see if the plot reverses on me.



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