The feels you get when writing a novel


Writing a novel is a weird, violently emotional undertaking. You’d think the hard part would be actually writing the thing, but if this isn’t your first rodeo, you know that the real work happens when you’re revising — working with critique partners and beta readers to get feedback and make your story better.

The first draft is a lot easier to finish than your second, third, fourth — however many drafts you need to get your novel in shape for publishing.

Here are some of the many feels you may experience during the whole wonderful and agonizing process:

Getting pumped because your story is new and awesome and original

so awesome gif

Wondering when you’re going to finish because this shit is taking forever

bored gif

Celebrating because that first draft is done and it’s The Best Thing

hell yeah gif

Panicking because you asked people to look at it

panic gif 2

Crying inside because they have “comments” for you

crying 1 gif

Raging inside because these comments are stupid

arrested development gif

Crying again because they’re true and you have a lot of revisions to make

drink cry gif

Hunkering down because you’re going to destroy these stupid edits

gif age

Screwing around for thirty minutes as you try to get your brain to work

typing gif

Writing the best new sentences EVER and blowing your own mind

mind blown gif

Dancing because you crushed it

cat dance

Trying not to think about how you have to do this 50 more times

chips gif

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