With an ever-growing portfolio of web and print writing tucked under her belt, Stephanie Carmichael presses fingers to keys to nurture her insatiable love of geek culture. She’s devoted this corner of the internet to all things bookish and nerdy, including the progress of her debut novel, which she’s currently querying.

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Where in the world?!

Presently, I’m busy with these jobs — when I’m not blogging for pleasure, that is. I am available for hire. Learn more about my experience at my portfolio site.

Classcraft – Head of Content (former Community Manager) (2014–present)
VentureBeat/GamesBeat – Video Games, Copy Editor and Writer (2012–present)

Manuscript critiques and copy editing:

I’ve helped the authors of the following books:

Interested in a critique or copy edit of your manuscript? Get in touch! My rates are flexible. (Please put “Critique/edit request” in the subject line.)

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My super sweet boyfriend. You can see more of his work here.

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Send me an email to suggest a book (any book!) to be reviewed here on the blog. I’d be more than happy to give an upcoming gem or overlooked favorite a little love.

Contact: wita[dot]blog[at]gmail[dot]com

Twitter: @drackysnacks