BioShock Infinite: Hyperviolence, smart storytelling, and parallelism


(No spoilers until the very end! With ample warning.)

The months leading up to a video game’s release often serve to accomplish one goal: increase interest, which improves sales.

Most of the gaming world was excited about BioShock Infinite, which launched on consoles and PC on March 26. Many were happy to have another BioShock to play; others were thrilled to see developer Irrational Games return to the first-person adventure series it started in 2007 and pioneered years before with System Shock.

The wait was worth it. BioShock Infinite has a 95 aggregate score on Metacritic, and people can’t stop talking about it.

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These Little Golden Books make video games extra cute

Because this is relevant to me — an illustrator from California has designed mock Little Golden Book covers based on video game properties. You can buy them as prints on Etsy.

From left to right: Skyrim, Portal, and BioShock

“I recently have been really into the artwork of the classic Little Golden Books,” the creator wrote on his blog. “There’s something very charming about their simplicity, and yet they are some of the books that I remember most from my early childhood.

“As the sun sets on this current generation of video games, I’ve been thinking about some of the classic games that people will still (hopefully) point to years from now and hold them up as games that made a difference, and possibly, for some child out there, Portal or Skyrim will be a memory from their early childhood.”

There’s also some Zelda and Lord of the Rings art in his shop.

via CNET