If God were a scientist: a review of Prophet of Bones

Prophet of BonesWith the debate over gay marriage raging in the news lately, Prophet of Bones (out tomorrow) fits right in.

OK, so this new book isn’t about homosexuality. At all. But it is about a coming together of religion and science, which is the kind of open-mindedness we need to be more receptive to. In other words, you could believe this and I could believe that, and it would be ALL RIGHT. The world wouldn’t end.

Prophet of Bones by Ted Kosmatka — who, as it happens, is a very talented writer at video game company Valve (and if you’re not a gamer, please don’t let that affiliation negatively sway your decision to read this book) — isn’t about a doomsday event, either. But it is about the creation of Earth and answering crazy questions like, what if God made two Adams?, and, what if Darwin is totally wrong and we’re all the product of intelligent design?

Basically, it’s about a scientist’s discovery of a divergent human species — one that came into existence at the same time as our ancestors but isn’t a part of the same family tree. Their very bones reveal the truth that God was, well, playing “god” with his favorite creatures: mankind.

So, we’re not special. Not like we think.

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