A light, healthy weekend breakfast: buttermilk oatcakes with raspberry compote

On Saturday my boyfriend and I made one of Sarah’s recipes: buttermilk oatcakes with raspberry compote. I didn’t really deviate from Sarah’s directions, so I won’t go into detailĀ  about making them when she explains it so well already.

I did choose low-fat buttermilk, though, and we skipped the fancy syrup, using whatever we had on hand (ie., the cheap stuff). Everything was easy to make but took a little time, but to my surprise the cinnamon worked wonders (and smelled so good) with the raspberries, and the oatcakes made me less full than regular pancakes and were healthier, too. So the entire batch was the perfect amount for two people! Maybe three, if you make a nice side. I got really hungry for maple sausage by the time we were done cooking.

A little syrup or butter on top mixes well with the raspberry compote when you’re ready to eat, too. As you can see from my pictures, the finished results looked very similar to how Sarah, a much more experienced cook, made hers.

Sweet and delicious: tangerine-pistachio sticky buns

For about fifteen bucks, my boyfriend and I made these delectable sticky buns this weekend.

Perfect for the novice cook to make, these tangerine-pistachio sticky buns smell amazing as they bake and taste even better.

You can find the recipe over at Sarah’s Place blog. She’s got some really unique dishes on there.

Some of the sticky buns fell apart upon removing them from the pan, but that’s more our fault than the recipe’s. Anyway, they tasted fantastic. We couldn’t find tangerine marmalade at the store, so we substituted orange (which the recipe says is okay). We had to shell and de-salt the pistachios ourselves, and the pizza dough (we used refrigerated pizza crust in tubes) was naturally elastic, so it took awhile to roll out into a decent shape and size. My Mom recommended that next time we pinch the ends of the roll in with water before cutting it into equal slices and setting them in the pan. Apparently this helps prevent the filling from squeezing out, though I think it might compensate for the extra dough: The two ends of the roll had less filling in them because of the 1″ margin, but nobody complained that they weren’t darn tasty.

If you’re worried about budget, you can definitely do this for around $15. We already had the flour, butter, and salt (though we accidentally nixed the salt but figured it worked out fine anyway, since we used salted butter instead of unsalted as the recipe called for). Our shopping list looked something like this:

  • Plain pistachios ~ $4-5 (These were the cheapest ones we could find, and we used most of them. The rest we ate because pistachios are yummy! Again, we shelled the ones we needed ourselves and washed them since we couldn’t find any unsalted.)
  • Dark-brown sugar ~ $1-2 (A store brand is fine.)
  • Tangerine or orange marmalade ~ $4-5 (We used Smucker’s and spread on more than the recipe called for. Just use as much as you think covers the dough well.)
  • Pizza dough, two tubes ~ $4-5 (We just used pizza crust. I’m not sure if there’s a difference.)

These were a huge hit and relatively easy to make. Makes 8-10 rolls, depending on how you cut them.