Old Tomb Raider is like Dark Souls

Tomb Raider II
In the brief stint that I was replaying Tomb Raider II recently, I learned a few things.

1. Lara’s grunts are gross.

2. The A.I. is incredibly stupid and easily exploited, and you look even dumber when they best you.

3. Classic Tomb Raider shares something in common with Dark Souls, or Demon’s Souls — that line of really hard role-playing games that people love for some masochistic reason.

It’s like this (skip to 0:50):

Tomb Raider II introduces a really convenient save-anywhere feature, which is basically code for “you’re going to need this, jackass.”

Oh, think you can circumvent the door by jumping over the wall? DIE ON GLASS.

Wait, you want to go in there? Watch out for WALLS OF SPIKES AND BOULDERS AND MAN-EATING TIGERS.

Yep. That’s Tomb Raider II, also known as Prepare to Die Horribly and in Lots of Embarrassing Ways — Then Spend Three Minutes Reloading.