A brief reflection on today’s shooting tragedy

Connecticut shooting

A shooting unlike any other in American history shook the world today when 28 died in an elementary school in Connecticut, including 20 children between the ages of 5 and 10.

By now, most all of you have heard the news, and many of you have wept for the lives lost. The tragedy has sparked discussions of gun control and mental illness, and not all of it was handled with the most grace. Most disturbing were the news reporters who had the inhumanity to interview traumatized kids so soon after the event.

When will these shootings stop? When can we stop being afraid to enter public spaces when even movie theaters and elementary schools aren’t safe?

Go home tonight. Hug your kids. Your niece. Your nephew. Cousins. Grandchildren.

Just love someone.

In times like these, it’s important to show other people we care. That we’re there for them. That we understand.

We need to remind ourselves of the good in the world. So do something that makes you happy. Read a book. Take a walk. Spend the weekend just … being. Value the time that you have and the people in your life, and do it for those who no longer can — whose lives have been cut short and those who can no longer hold their children. Honor them by living and showing more kindness than ever before, and do it every day.

If the laws won’t change, if we can’t come to an agreement on the right solution, then we need to facilitate change in a way everyone can: by being better people. That’s how we can foster a better world.

[Photo credit: The Onion]