A computer is an object. Turned on, it’s millions of people.

I came across this nice little video about remembering that “at the end of every computer is a real person.”

Watch the three-and-a-half minute long video, and you’ll see that it communicates a stronger message that simply, “Words hurt.”

My personal policy now is that when you’re angry or impatient, focus on something else. Take time to cool off. Use lots of smilies — they make people feel good. Always reply as soon as possible, even if it’s just a polite “yes” or “no” (both are absolutely okay), because people’s time is valuable just like yours. Every day spent not returning an email is the same as not returning a phone call. If you’re too busy to commit, say so early. Appreciate the little gestures. Help when you can. Treat people like they’re your neighbors — they have lives, families, and problems, the same as you.

What’s your personal motto for engaging with other people from your computer screen? Have you had good or bad experiences online (or both)? Please take a moment to share.

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