Writing, motherhood, and weird life turns

It’s been almost two years since I wrote my last blog post. And boy, things have changed.

Baby boy, to be exact.

I was feeling pretty down on myself in my last post. I was also — hey — about three months pregnant and constantly sick. So in hindsight, that makes sense. But I was also really stuck on the fact that I’d put a huge amount of energy into writing a novel that was my best one yet, and it wasn’t going anywhere.

So I quit writing. I didn’t have it in me. For all my past talk about “writing’s hard, you just gotta push through” — I couldn’t. All the self-discipline in the world wasn’t getting those words out of me.

Part of me thought, “Okay, this is fine. My mind and body only have energy enough for growing a human being. If I start another novel now, I’ll give birth before it’s finished, and then I’ll have to put it on ice for months as I adjust to being a new mom, and that’ll kill the project anyway.”

That was fine.

this is not fine

I did the thing. I gave birth to a baby boy, seven pounds, one ounce. I enjoyed my maternity leave. Then I grew restless. I wanted to get back to my job. I did.

And then my brain latched on to an idea and it was happening. I was writing a novel again.

As of last weekend, I finished the first draft of my fourth novel, a middle grade fantasy.

It’s a funny thing, life. I guess I only had room for one big project in me at a time. (God forbid I ever have twins.) But I was pretty sure I would never write another novel again. I was that demotivated and hopeless.

But then I did.

Writing with a 10 month old isn’t easy. Time is scarcer than ever. But you get it done. The words are bad, and you hate them, but they go down on the page.

And then you have a novel.

I’m still alive, I swear

busy cat


I know that I’ve been super quiet lately and have missed two Awesome Book Cover Fridays in a row, which is just unacceptable. Authors everywhere are crying.

(Not really.)

I’ve felt a little short on time lately, which is not incredibly silly, but I think I’ve needed a little break from creating extra work for myself. I’m self-employed, so that’s all I do, and sometimes the struggle to keep up with bills and expenses and making sure I earn the checks to cover them is … more than exhausting. So I like to veg out and do nothing.

I also just returned from a too-short vacation in California. My sister’s now a Mrs. And boy, do I want to go back. THAT WEATHER.

But I’ve also felt the absence of not writing for me and for you here, on this blog, where anything goes. It makes me sad that I haven’t really posted in so long. First and foremost, I’ve always been a blogger, and I always want to make the time for it.


I hope you can forgive my inconsistent posting of late because I’m looking forward to jumping back in — at my own pace. I’ll do better. Promise. I’m many things, but slacker isn’t my style.

Love you all!

Moving to a new apartment

Credit: M.A.V Cardiff Ltd

Hey, everyone!

It’s been a busy couple months. First, a big thank you to those who supported Z. on Kickstarter — we reached our funding goal in time! It was a new experience for me, and the first time I served as a community manager.

Then I had a birthday, and, well, got older.

Now I’m spending this week packing and going nuts trying to get everything together so my boyfriend and I can move into our first apartment. There will be an awesome book cover post this Friday, but please hold tight until I get back into my routine. I appreciate your patience, and thanks for reading the blog!

I’m also on the verge on starting a new, part-time copy editing position, so that will begin relatively soon. And an article pitch of mine has been approved to somewhere really cool, so I’ll update you guys on that this fall.

But enough about me! What adventures have you embarked on this summer? What are you reading?