Let’s be nicer to writers, please

Writing self-doubt

Angry phone messages. Nasty emails. Completely vicious comments. If you’re a writer, then you’ve probably received these at least once, if not dozens of times.

It breaks my heart that writing is the foundation of so much in our society, yet most people have virtually zero respect for the people who contribute. Those television shows you watch religiously, the books and movies you adore, the websites and blogs you keep coming back to. Sure, when writing is bad, it’s bad. It’s OK to say so; sometimes, you’re doing the writer a favor.

be nice or leaveThat doesn’t mean making him or her feel like the lowliest, most repulsive, most worthless creature on the planet. But for writers, especially those on the web, that’s an everyday reality they have to live with. They have to learn how to ignore it and move on because this is how they make their living, or it’s so much a part of their gut that they can’t stop writing and wouldn’t want to, anyway. Easier said than done.

A couple months ago, I wrote a review of a PC game for a major outlet. I’ve played the genre before, and I think my critical assessment of the game was fair. But people still flock by the hundreds (even thousands) to view my article, leave a hurtful comment, or walk away thinking, “What a joke.”

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