Book count for 2012: Meeting your annual goals

mountain of books

As weird as it is to say, 2012 is almost over.

We’re already halfway through November (how did that happen?!), which means the holidays are almost upon us, and so is the new year. So it’s time for the big question: How many books do you plan to have read before then?

My Goodreads account has tallied 25 books for the year, but I’ve actually read 13 others for a total (so far) of 38. Those hidden 13 are books that I’ve read for Kirkus Indie, which I’m sworn to secrecy about (sorry).

This puts me ahead of schedule with the goal I made at the start of 2012, which was to read 40 books — 10 more than I challenged myself to read in 2011.

And whew, what a year it’s been!

Are you on track with your reading goals? Is there a book you really, really want to read before the year is up?