If God were a scientist: a review of Prophet of Bones

Prophet of BonesWith the debate over gay marriage raging in the news lately, Prophet of Bones (out tomorrow) fits right in.

OK, so this new book isn’t about homosexuality. At all. But it is about a coming together of religion and science, which is the kind of open-mindedness we need to be more receptive to. In other words, you could believe this and I could believe that, and it would be ALL RIGHT. The world wouldn’t end.

Prophet of Bones by Ted Kosmatka — who, as it happens, is a very talented writer at video game company Valve (and if you’re not a gamer, please don’t let that affiliation negatively sway your decision to read this book) — isn’t about a doomsday event, either. But it is about the creation of Earth and answering crazy questions like, what if God made two Adams?, and, what if Darwin is totally wrong and we’re all the product of intelligent design?

Basically, it’s about a scientist’s discovery of a divergent human species — one that came into existence at the same time as our ancestors but isn’t a part of the same family tree. Their very bones reveal the truth that God was, well, playing “god” with his favorite creatures: mankind.

So, we’re not special. Not like we think.

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BookRx recommends books in 140 characters or less, plus e-readers going out of style


This post comes to you in four parts!

Part 1:

Need some books to keep you busy during all that holiday downtime? Considering trying out Knight Labs’ new BookRx, which selects potential new reads based on your Twitter account. Just enter your handle, and voila! BookRx generates a list of recommendations from specific words, users, and hashtags that you’ve mentioned in your tweets.

Here’s a preview of one of mine:

BookRx preview

Of course, I’ve already ready a few of these. So it’s not a perfect tool, but it is fun. BookRx separates titles by genre, such as mystery, fiction, and romance. One of its picks for me is Fifty Shades of Grey — a book I would never read. But I’ve previously tweeted about at least one blog post that focused on the book, so it’s little wonder that BookRx noticed my “interest” in it.

What books does it recommend for you?

Part 2:

Do you like the new blog header? I wanted a change. :) But if you guys hate it, let me know and I’ll create some others.

Part 3:

If you’re looking for today’s book cover selection, it’s one post down!

Part 4:

e-reader girl

In a bit of news, the e-reader market is apparently shrinking. Data from the International Data Corporation shows that this year, worldwide shipments of e-readers will fall to 14.9 million units from 23.2 million units last year — a 36 percent decrease. Forrester Research recorded a similar trend specifically in the United States, and these numbers are expected to keep falling in 2013 and beyond.

The explanation? People are buying more multiversatile tablets, smartphones, and PCs — an increase of 27.1 percent from 2011, according to IDC. They’re more willing to spend more money on a high-tech device than a “primitive” e-reader in exchange for the extra features, and those often include Kindle and Nook apps.

“It’s looking like e-readers were a device for a particular moment in time that, more rapidly than we or anyone else thought, has been replaced by a new technology,” Sarah Rotman Epps, a Forrester analyst, told The New York Times. Here’s the full scoop.

Are you ready to trade in your e-reader, or are you surprised by these findings?

[Image credit: via CNET by Jean-Honoré Fragonard, public domain; CBSi]