Comics are books, too—and a quick question

Tony Puryear, a screenwriter in LA who’s written the Arnold Schwarzenegger picture Eraser and adapted the upcoming Fahrenheit 451 movie for Mel Gibson, sent me an email today thanking me for my thoughts on his “Concrete Park” story in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #7, which I reviewed last weekend. Apparently this is Mr. Puryear’s first entry into comics.

A little about “Concrete Park,” in his own words:

“Concrete Park” takes place on a distant desert planet where Earth’s poor youth have been shipped to mine for resources. (Only the prologue, featuring the character ‘Isaac’ takes place on Earth). The main action of the story takes place in “Scare City”, a city of millions on the desert planet. If a ghetto in space makes readers uncomfortable, I guess I’m doing my job as a writer. Some of the characters are “minorities”, but to me, in terms of population, Scare City looks like LA, where I live. “Luca”, the star of the series, is a Pacific Islander. “Isaac” is black. “Lena”, Luca’s lover, is an alien (we have those in LA too).

I entreat you to pick up a copy of the comic if you get a chance. It’s a good one.

While I have you here, I did want to pose a question for the writers out there: How do you find time, between school or work or kids and other responsibilities, to keep to a writing schedule? What is your schedule actually like? An hour or two a night, or several hours a week? I’d like to hear from you in the comments.