10 essential holiday gifts for book lovers

Winter reading

December is almost here, and that means it’s time to shop like it’s nobody’s business — and groan at all the prices.

This top 10 list contains items that range from the ridiculously affordable to the slightly pricey, but it’ll cover all the readers on your gift list this year. So whether you and books are strangers or total best friends, your life this next month is about to get a whole lot easier.

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Awesome book cover Friday: Die Anderen – or, The Sea People

Die Anderen, which translates from German to The Sea People, was written by Adam Lukens and published in 1959. My research dug up some interesting trivia about Lukens. According to the Feminist SFF & Utopia website, Adam was a she—Diane Detzer, to be exact, who was born on May 13, 1930, and used the pseudonyms “Adam Lukens” and “Jorge De Reyna.”

She was difficult to trace, but I did manage to find a short list of her works. Whether this is a complete bibliography is uncertain:

* Alien World [Avalon, 1963] as Lukens
* Conquest of Life [Avalon, 1960] as Lukens
* Eevalu [Avalon, 1963] as Lukens
* The Glass Cage [Avalon, 1962] as Lukens
* The Planet of Fear [Avalon, 1968]
* The Return of the Starships [Avalon, 1968] as de Reyna
* The Sea People [Avalon, 1959] as Lukens
* Sons of the Wolf [Avalon, 1961] as Lukens
* The World Within [Avalon, 1962] as Lukens

Not a big surprise to me, since women often resorted to male pseudonyms in order to get published, and women especially weren’t supposed to write sci-fi.

Thanks to Cassie for linking to a whole host of awesome German vintage science fiction covers.